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In 2012, Ee and his wife, Shirley Lee observed and foresaw the urgent demand of local small and medium-sized enterprises for Internet marketing. The couple predicted that Internet marketing would become increasingly important to the growth of enterprises hence ES World Enterprise was founded. The company's name is made up of the first letter of Ee's surname, “E”, and the first letter of Shirley’s name.

Graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Computer Systems and Network, Ee has rich experience in network technology, whereas Shirley was graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman University with Bachelor of Communication(Hons) Public Relations, and has a deep understanding of the media industry. After working in Kuala Lumpur for years, they decided to return to Ee’s hometown, Malacca to start their own business and to break new ground !

In the early days of their business, the Ee's suffered from a lack of capital, networks and resources. They could only make one of bedroom at home to serve as the office, start a business with minimal cost, and start from scratch!
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In search of potential customers, the Ee's went door to door, even making cold calls to find their way. At that time, the majority of Malacca enterprises lacked understanding of network marketing. It aggravated the difficulty of the Ee’s to develop their business. They went to the wall everywhere, and more had ever come up of the idea of giving up! Fortunately, after three months of transition, the couple finally saw the light! The couple not only gritted their teeth and adhered to the business till today, but also bought a shoplot and set up an office!

Achieving Top Search Engine Ranking
By Integrating SEO Into Client’s Website

Featured solutions for ES World Enterprise, "Professional Website + Search Engine Optimization(SEO) " , a customized two-in-one solution, not only assists corporate to create a professional website which can improve the corporate image, but also allow their customers and network users found their website easily and thus improving their business performance.

After several years of efforts, the professional, fast and sincere service from ES World Enterprise has finally been recognized, and established a good reputation. We get positive feedback from the client that the websites integrated with SEO is successfully to enhance the enterprise awareness and brand awareness, but also increase the inquiries of new customers and promote business development.

Currently, most of ES World Enterprise’s clients is mainly the small and medium-sized enterprises in Malacca, Johore and Kuala Lumpur.

Other services provided by ES World Enterprise include e-commerce website design, mobile application software design, online software development, email marketing, domain name registration and web hosting service.

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To be the preferred Internet marketing service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises in Malaysia with innovative and excellent service.



Win-Win Result
We serve as a bridge between corporate and its customers to assist them in improving business performance.

Customer Oriented
We provide professional network marketing services to help customers promote business and customer satisfaction is our service goal.

People Oriented
We value our employees as our most important assets and therefore focus on their personal development.

Social Responsibility
We fulfill our corporate social responsibility and meet the needs of the community within our ability through professional network marketing services.
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